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HCBT-01 Instructions for use (from Figure 3)

  1. Take the test with empty stomach or 2 hours after eating. Blow into baseline breath bag (Blue one).
  2. Take the 13-C Urea capsule by 80-100ml water.
  3. Sit still for 30 minutes.
  4. Blow into sample breath bag (Pink one).
  5. Give breath bags to medical staff and wait for report.
  • Product Details

    • The HCBT-01 breath test tester is a six-channel detection instrument. It uses the slight difference in the wavelength peak positions of ¹³CO₂ and ¹²CO₂ in the absorption infrared region to measure the concentrations of ¹³CO₂ and ¹²CO₂ in the sample respectively, and then calculates the difference between the sample gas sample and ¹²CO₂. The change DOB (‰) of the isotopic abundance of ¹³CO₂ in the bottom gas sample relative to the natural abundance of ¹³CO₂, so as to judge whether the subject is infected with Helicobacter pylori. 1 bag of sample gas), obtain the test results in time, insert 6 groups of samples at a time, automatically batch test, and print test reports in batches; it only takes 30 minutes to warm up and start quickly. Convenient Chinese operating system, powerful database management, network printing function; humanized control interface, operation help, error warning function. Simple channel quick selection function, one-button operation to complete the measurement, no need for external gas calibration, comprehensive real-time information automatic prompt function, you can learn it immediately after use. Accuracy and repeatability: The average value of DOB ( ‰ ) for 10 measurements does not exceed ±0.3‰, and the standard error of DOB ( ‰) for 10 measurements does not exceed 0.3‰. Accuracy: The standard error of 10 measurements for a standard sample containing 3.0% CO₂, DOB (‰) ≈ 2.0 should not exceed 0.3‰, and the average and standard sample deviation of 10 measurements should not exceed ±1.5‰.
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